Saxophone Sundae: Who are we?

Our players come with a wide range of experience and we aim to offer music that covers a wide variety of musical tastes: a veritable “sundae”. Our playlist includes arrangements of traditional folk songs, classical pieces by Bach and Mozart, jazz classics from Gershwin and Ellington and contemporary music from the shows. We originally met through playing in the Ludlow Concert Band.

Philip Belchere
plays tenor saxophone in

Ludlow Concert Band. As well as Jazz, swing

and classical styles of music, Phil takes a

particular interest in crossover.

Debbie Cawte studied classical clarinet and

has recently begun to play again after a long

break. She also plays tenor and soprano

saxophone. Debbie plays in the Ludlow

Concert Band and is keen to listen to and

                            play all kinds of music - particularly film music,

                            jazz, classical and swing.

a Oakey studied music in both classical and jazz traditions and has a wide range of experience. In addition to Saxophone Sundae she plays in Anything Goes Swing band, Craven arms big band, Montgomery concert band, Shropshire Pops orchestra and is in great demand for musical theatre productions. As well as soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophone she plays the flute, piano and clarinet.

Amanda Reeves has been playing jazz and classical saxophone for 18 years. She was a founder member of the Ludlow Concert Band, the Craven Arms Little Big Band and Saxophone Sundae. She is a partner in a music shop in Ludlow and still plays with Saxophone Sundae when time allows.

Pat Smith has been involved with music

from an early age. She played viola in the

Canterbury Orchestra, taught art and

music and was involved in the production

of musicals.  The saxophone is now an

important part of her life.  Pat plays alto

and tenor saxophone & all the recorders.

Charles West trained originally in the classical tradition, but has long been a keen follower of jazz. More recently he has focussed on jazz and swing music. He has played orchestral and chamber music and in bands and small groups. He plays flute and soprano, alto and tenor saxophone.